Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why A/C not cold?

A: It could be short of refrigerant, leakage, moisture in the system, fan motor failure, engine overheating or other issues.

Q: A/C not getting cold and blower motor noisy when driving long distances?

A: This could be due to low refrigerant in the A/C system/the expansion valve might be stuck open/the evaporator coil clogged/the thermistor sensor is not functioning properly causing the evaporator coil to freeze. Recharge the refrigerant to the correct amount/replace the expansion valve/replace the thermistor sensor. Alternatively, you can adjust the A/C temperature control setting to mild or higher (25 degrees Celcius) to resolve the problem temporarily.

Q: A/C not cold when idle, but cold when driving?

A: Fan motor may not running, low coolant level, engine overheating, weak A/C compressor, or other issues.

Q: How to know if my A/C refrigerant/oil is okay?

A: Look for the A/C sight glass(Some models may not have sight glass)

Q: Water leaking under the dashboard?

A: Drain hose may be clogged or the sealant between the cover has cracked. Clean drain hose with a compressed air gun or clean the evaporator together if necessary. Place a dehumidifier to remove excessive moisture inside the cabin.

Q: Can't feel the air coming out from the air vent?

A: This could be the cabin air filter, blower motor, or evaporator coil clogged. Replace a new cabin air filter, clean the blower motor and evaporator coil.

Q: A/C not cold after parking for a while?

A: If the A/C is back to normal after a few minutes of driving, this could be a magnetic clutch coil failure, fan motor, or other issues.

Q: No air coming out from the air vent?

A: This could be a fuse, relay, panel control switch, blower motor, or blower resistor failure.

Q: Driver side cold, passenger side hot?

A: This could be insufficient refrigerant amount, servo motor failure, or other issues.

Q: A/C not cold after refilling the refrigerant?

A: This could be a serious leak from the A/C system. Please do not turn on the A/C at the moment as it may damage the A/C compressor due to low refrigerant and compressor oil. 

Q: Compressor noisy when turned on?

A: This could be a fan belt/pulley bearing/low compressor oil or compressor internal part damaged. Check for fan belt, pulley, and bearing condition, if okay then charge refrigerant and compressor oil, operate A/C, and observe for a few minutes, and if noise is present again, replace a new compressor.

Q: How to take care of my car A/C?


1. Replace the cabin air filter every 10,000 km or every year whichever comes first.

2. Check the radiator coolant level, and clean the A/C condenser once a week or every fortnight, by spraying water at the A/C condenser with low-medium pressure to remove dirt, and debris to maintain cleanliness and better airflow. Always use coolant for the radiator.

3. Clean the evaporator coil once a year, the evaporator coil will collect dust and dirt over time and will develop bacteria/viruses/molds/unpleasant odour which may cause allergies.

4. Replace A/C component (receiver drier) every 20,000 km~30,000 km or service A/C once a year.