Evaporator Cleaning

Why clean the evaporator coil?

Dust and dirt always have a chance to get through the cabin air filter, they will clog the surface of the evaporator and develop germs, bacteria, molds, and cause unpleasant odours and even allergies. It is important to change the cabin filter and clean the evaporator once a year.

***Dirty Evaporator Coil

***A dirty evaporator coil will cause unpleasant odours and low airflow coming out from the air vent. 

***Clean Evaporator Coil

***A clean evaporator coil can maintain hygiene, better cooling, better airflow, and fresher air.

Dirty Evaporator

This evaporator was clogged up with bacteria slime which greatly reduced airflow in the cabin and caused unpleasant odour and leakage. 

Recommended cleaning evaporator once a year to maintain cleanliness and better airflow.

Cleaning Methods 

We have three different options to clean evaporator coil.

Evaporator Cleaner

Quick and easy way to clean, disinfect bacteria, and remove unplesant odour from the evaporator coil. 

Does not replace a professional cleaning and rinsing of the air conditioning evaporator.

High-Pressure Spray Gun

****Highly effective to clean evaporator with powerful cleaning agents and have a long-lasting effect. 

Endoscope Spray Gun

Real-time inspection spray gun. Clean the evaporator coil with powerful cleaning agents. Example video.

Air quick freshener

Würth Air Quick Fresh

Effectively preventing and eliminating the interior odours


Attention: Do not stay in the room when the product has been activated.

(Please keep all food and tableware away from the product, especially during application in homes and hotel rooms)

Does not replace a professional cleaning and rinsing of the air conditioning evaporator.

Application and Instruction 

Application area

Professional and efficient disinfection and eliminating interior odors in vehicles, trains, public areas such as fitness studios, hotel rooms. Also suitable for home and leisure.


After application, open doors and windows again, allow the fresh air to come in.