Cheong Car Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning Service in Bentong, Pahang.

Air conditioning service, installation and maintenance for cars, vans, and commercial vehicles in Bentong, Pahang.


A/C service and maintenance for most types of vehicles.

*Flush A/C system and restore the effectiveness of A/C.

Disinfects bacteria, removes dirts and unpleasant odour from the evaporator coil.


DENSO Leak Detector

Genuine DENSO leak detector, SAE certified.

Updated on 12/7/2023.

Würth Flushing Kit

For passenger and commercial vehicle air conditioning units with refrigerant R134a and **R1234yf.

High flow rate during flushing and thus highly effective cleaning of the A/C system.

Replacement of the compressor requires flushing the entire A/C system.

*Flushing the A/C system to remove oil and contaminants.

Click here to learn more about A/C flushing.

Updated on 28/2/2023.

Würth Coolius A10 

Our latest German A/C service unit Coolius A10. Convenient and hassle-free. Hybrid ready. Click here for more info about Coolius A10.

Updated on 6/12/2022.

Service Unit Software : A10A4300, updated on 10/2/2023.

Service Unit Software : A10A4402, updated on 30/1/2024.